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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gadhafi Destroys Oil Tanks To Bring Misrata Down

Gadhafi planes have bombed four Misrata fuel tanks, sparking an enormous fire that then spread to four more tanks.  The attack was carried out by small pesticide planes, and NATO has yet to respond to the attack.  Without the fuel tanks, which supplied the city of Misrata, it is possible the rebels may lose control of the city, the last rebel-held city in Eastern Libya.  Elsewhere, Gadhafi forces fire artillery rounds across border as the clashes with the rebels heat up.


Meanwhile, civilian deaths in Syria have risen to 800 since the pro-democracy demonstrations began seven weeks ago.  The Syrian Rights group Sawasiah stated today that they have the names of all 800 slian, including 220 killed during a tank-based attack on the city of Deraa.

AC/DC is expected to release a new album by 2013, and suggested that their Black Ice World Tour will in fact not be their last ever trek as they will likely go back on the road after the release of the new album.  Their concert film, Live At River Plate releases on May 9th on DVD and Blu-Ray.

More news as it happens...

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