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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Slower Wednesday

After a whirlwind weekend of news stories, things have slowed a bit today.

In Palestine, the leaders of Fatah and Hamas are due to sign a reconciliation deal in Cairo that will allow for joint leadership of the country.  National elections are expected to be held next year.  This comes as the Middle East has awakened to the reality of protests and unrest being the new method of regime change in the area, and this move is suggested to be a means to ensure the unrest doesn't spread further.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calls the pact a 'blow to peace and a victory for terrorism.'

A lawsuit in excess of $1 Billion has been filed in Canada against Sony Corporation in regards to the potential identity theft and stolen credit and debit card information taken during the past two weeks as a result of two successful hacks of Sony's databases.  If the courts certify the claim, and the parties do not settle, we'll be seeing this go to court.  A US lawsuit is also currently underway.

It is being widely stated that Pakistan was well aware that Bin Laden was hiding in country for many years, with one official stating that the compound he was eventually killed at was under suspicion since 2007.  Meanwhile, many American citizens are doubting the truth of Bin Laden's death, and those who do believe that he is dead are outraged that he was given a burial at sea in order to adhere to Muslim beliefs which would give his soul the chance to go to heaven after his actions when alive.  It is also being said that Bin Laden was unarmed when his compound was raided and he was slain.

The entire Bin Laden incident is also re-raising the question as to whether torture is a reasonable means of extracting information in certain circumstances.

According to the CIA, after a NATO airstrike reduced the majority of the Libyan leader's home compound, Gadhafi is presumed still alive.  Elsewhere, Libyan forces bomb Misrata, killing five, according to rebel forces in the area.

More news as it happens...

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