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Monday, May 9, 2011

Taliban Raid Exposes Kandahar Weaknesses

Kandahar was raided by the Taliban over the weekend, and militants directly attacked the government in the heart of the city.  This comes less than two weeks after 488 prisoners escaped through a tunnel from Kandahar's main prison.  A senior Kandahar police official says there is a direct co-relation between the two events.  Dozens of insurgents were involved, and apparently the majority of them that were killed in the violence were indeed escapees from that prison break.


Elsewhere, economic trouble has struck Greece again, suggesting that the country may in fact need a second bail-out from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

In Canada, a major buyout of the Forzani Group, the company behind Sport Chek, Sport Mart, Athlete's World and Nevada Bob's Golf, has been put forth by Canadian Tire, purchasing the company for $763 million.

On 60 Minutes on Sunday, US President Barack Obama stated that the US government believes Osama Bin Laden had a 'support network' in place in Pakistan.

Syrian security forces arrest hundreds of activists and anti-government protesters today.  The country has been widening the scope of it's raids in order to keep the president's regime intact.

It has been confirmed that Japan has agreed to close up three of its nuclear power plants until they can be properly protected against possible tsunami damage in the future.  In related news, the earthquake that caused the problems leading to this development has altered towns and villages in such a way so that some actually flood at high tide.

More news as it happens...

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