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Monday, May 2, 2011

Introduction And Font / Colour Test

Greetings one and all.

I am just writing this to allow myself the opportunity to see how the new blog here looks before I start into my first real post.  Please bear with me for a little while as I get everything up and running.  As you can see at the right-hand side there, I have a few other blogs and have done this before, but it always takes a while to iron out the wrinkles - especially when I'm working with a background I haven't used before.

As for that background, I felt that a photo of the planet signifies the idea behind this blog: I am planning on writing about all of the big topics on society's lips as a whole.  If that means writing about Justin Bieber then so be it.  If that entails discussing American politics in a big way, expect posts pertaining to those items.  And, in the case of the event that just happened to precede the writing of this blog in the first place, when a well-known international terrorist is brought to justice, you'll be able to read all the facts I gather from other sources together here with my own unique writing style enhancing them.

Just call me the poor man's Huffington Post.

Anyway, this post is only a test.  With any luck, the first actual post will be up within a week or so, once other personal events have sorted themselves out and I can devote more attention to this site than I can currently.  Until then, please wait for further updates.

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