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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Bin Laden News, And Other Stories

As days pass after the death of Osama Bin Laden, more information is coming to the surface concerning details of how the operation was carried out, who knew about it, and how long they knew for.  An Obama terrorism adviser has been quoted as saying that Bin Laden had been living in his 'palace-like' compound for as much as six years.  Pakistan is now admitting to a failure in it's intelligence in regards to the whereabouts of Bin Laden.  It has been confirmed that the burial at sea was due to the fact that the US didn't want a shrine to pop up in order to make Bin Laden a martyr for Al Qaida, and that Saudi Arabia was asked to take his body for burial and they refused.  Video from within the compound has shown the bedroom where Bin Laden was killed, including pools of blood at the exact location where he was slain.  A courier for Bin Laden is said to have provided the missing piece that led US forces directly to the shooting on Monday, though after many months of confirmations.  The search for the courier took years, and that was after they finally figured out his real name from a nickname given to them by Al Qaida's number three leader, in custody at the time.

The elite group that killed Bin Laden is said to have been formed in 1980 after a failed attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages.

It hasn't been widely discussed online yet, but the death of Osama Bin laden may very possibly keep President Obama in office for a second term.


In other news, the situation with protesters in Syria is beginning to make the West uneasy in regards to who might take the reins of power if their leader is toppled; not an unreasonable fear due to the minority having close relations with Hamas, a terrorist group in their own right.

NASA is moving forward with plans to launch the Endeavour's final space flight at 11:21am EST on May 10th, barring any more unforeseen delays.

The political landscape of Canada has changed wildly following yesterday's election.  Stephen Harper now heads a majority Conservative government, with the NDP as the new official opposition, and the Liberals relegated to the back seat.

The Bixi bike-sharing program officially started this morning in Toronto, adding the city to the list of other locations already in the program, including London, UK, Melbourne, and Washington, DC..  Bixi is a bike rental service, allowing people to pick up a bike at any of 80 downtown locations, ride the bike to their destination and drop it off at any other location city-wide.

Sony may be facing quite a number of lawsuits now that it has released numbers stating that over 24,000 PC online members have had their personal information, including credit and debit card numbers, stolen by hackers on Monday as a result of a second attack on their network, which has shut down their PC network along with the PS3 network shut down last Monday.  Class action lawsuits started both in Canada and the US are likely to be joined by suits from developers losing money on games played mostly online, citing "DC Universe Online" as one suffering the biggest impact as a result of the shutdown.

More news as it happens.

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